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Fire-Maple Star FMS-X3 Outdoor Cooking System / Green Fire-Maple Star FMS-X3 Outdoor Cooking System / Green

With over 2kw - 2000w of power, these are amongst the best stoves out there; the heat exchange on the base of the pot, the X3 cooking system copes brilliantly in all conditions, and the insulated pot jacket keeps things warm too. Faster boil times mean reduced cooking time and less gas used.

The package does not include gas canister. Stove stands perfectly with a 230g screw top gas canister and will boil around 25L of water with that size. Or 75 big mugs of tea.

Detailed features:

  • Powerfull: 2.2kW / 7500 BTU power output
  • Nested design: All supplied parts pack down into the cokking pot
  • Heat exchanger: Increases efficiency of stove by 30%, boiling 0.8L of water in 3 minutes and also having the effect of wind shield.
  • Anodized pot: Hard anodized aluminium pan, corrosion resistant, scrubs clean.
  • Sturdy folding handle: Heavy-duty foldable handle to hold the pot.
  • Neoprene cover: The pot is covered by waterproof and insulated cover which helps to retain cooking heat while protecting you from the hot metal of the pan.
  • Weight: 665g without gas canister
  • Size: 240mm tall and 125mm diameter when packed
  • Runs on Butane, Propane or a mix of both. If using at altitude or below 5 degrees please use propane gas cannisters.

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Fire-Maple Star FMS-X3 Outdoor Cooking System / Green
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